How to ReDefine You After a Break-Up

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“How to Redefine You After A Break-Up, Divorce, or Family Separation: 10 ways to Redefine Yourself Into What You Want” is a thorough, step by step guide on how to cope with the toughest relationship situations that life may bring.

Redefining yourself into what you want is crucial when strong relationships previously defined who you were. Being in a family, dating someone you care for or making a lifetime marital commitment are strong bonds that bring pain and sadness once broken. This ebook helps explain specific steps on how ways to redefine yourself.

Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson understands that everyone is different and not everyone can become a better version of themselves without help. So instead of telling the reader exactly what to do based off of one specific tip, she provides strategies that are flexible based on what you find important and in the areas that pertain to strengthening yourself.

During a relationship, whether it is with your parents, wife, boyfriend, or anyone that you have close ties to, a part of you is shared with that person. Upon a challenging separation, you have to find your own way to reevaluate who you will be from now on. Dr. Dionna’s ebook will be that helping guide that will walk you through to what you want for yourself.

In order to acquire success, struggles come along with the path. Dr. Dionna did not write this guide to control your actions, but instead to facilitate your development as a person. She knows first-hand the rifts that come from relationships. From a tough past with her family to a long-term relationship with an unappreciative and unfaithful partner, she understands what it means to rise up from the challenges that separation brings and how to redefine you.

Dr. Dionna