Be Your Own Life Coach


This self-help book is for any and everyone who wants something out of life! Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson understands the ups and downs, highs and lows, and insides and outs of reaching for goals.

Upon reading Be Your Own Life Coach, you will find that a successful life is not far from your reach. Coaching yourself is the first step to making the changes that will guide you to your new accomplishments.

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Whether it is buying your dream car, starting your own business, or even simply getting a more positive and fulfilling outlook on life, Be Your Own Life Coach is the book for you.

Be Your Own Life Coach is more than a book; it is a source of strategic information. Long before Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson became a certified life coach, she had goals of becoming a writer, educator, and business owner. While it was an uphill battle, and negativity from others came with the territory, she held on to her aspirations and built herself through decision making, problem-solving, and constant learning. Now she wants others to gain that same opportunity to build themselves up and achieve what it is they truly want. Making your ideas fuse with your plan of action is what you will get out the book.

Unlike many other self-help titles, there are worksheets after each chapter that will enable readers to jot down their thoughts, reflect, and put into practice the strategies of each chapter. Also included are motivational quotes from renowned celebrities, artists, speakers, and from Dr. Dionna herself.

Dr. Dionna