A Beginners Guide to Getting Your Kids in the Entertainment Business

Coming Soon

As we all know, sometimes it seems almost impossible to get your kid’s foot in the doors of the entertainment world.

In this book, Dr. Dionna will reveal how you can start with some basic skills that can assist you with getting your kids in show business.

From personal experience as a Momager of her own two kids, Dr. Dionna will share with you the highs and lows, as well as the ups and downs of the journey she has taken during the process of getting her kids in Print, Modeling and TV.

Although these are Dr. Dionna’s personal and professional experiences on this knowledge, she does not profess to know everything about this business because everyone’s experience is different. However, you can expect to receive insight on the ins-and-outs on how you can apply what she has learned to be simple steps of helping you and your child/children get a start in the world of entertainment.

Dr. Dionna