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Learn How to Be Your Own Life Coach

In this fun (and FREE) Audio Chapter Read by Dr. Dionna, you'll learn a simple strategy to begin reaching your goals! Coaching yourself is the first step to making the changes that will guide you to your new accomplishments.

Her techniques and suggestions alone just blew me away

“l cannot even begin to share how my life has changed with working with Dionna, her techniques and suggestions alone just blew me away, she had a very resourceful answer for everything that I asked, I recommend her as the best online life coach in 2012 and we just got started 101.” Nina (Baldwin Hills, CA)

My life has been much better since my life coaching sessions with Dionna

“Nothing in this world can change how much better my life has been since my life coachinig sessions with Dionna, she has always helped me figure out strategies for any problems that was going on in my life and I will never forget how those experiences have changed my life for the good. “ Tameka (Miami, FL)

She helped me to see where I needed to make changes

“My session with Dionna Hancock was very helpful even though I feel like I am very strong will individual, she helped me to see where I needed to make changes in my life for tomorrow and my future.” Gerald D. (Washington, DC)

Dionna was so organized

“Dionna was so organized I felt like I had no choice but to gain organization in my life, she really helped me clean up the mess in my life.” Kevin B. (Miami, FL)

I am more comfortable in taking those steps now with her help

“Ms. Hancock explained that I already had the resources I needed to move forward in making a decision to push towards my goals, which was to attend college and get a job. I am more comfortable in taking those steps now with her help.” Tony H. (Seattle, WA)

I was lacking confidence in myself

“With the use of the Confidence Ruler Technique, Dionna helped me to see where I was lacking confidence in myself, I will be forever in debt to her for that.” Lacy T. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Dr. Dionna, you have been a joy to work with when it comes to coaching and inspirational writing, your words just come out so comforting and I pray that there are more others who get to have this type of experience with you.

Mrs. Dawson (San Diego, CA)

Dr. Dionna, thank you for everything you have done to help me see the changes I needed in my life. Your coaching techniques have been simple and desirable. There is not one thing I did not want to complete on my own with your program.

Michael Caliber (Los Angeles, CA)

I heard you speak at PRC for the first time and I loved it. You have a way of pulling people into your message. I cannot wait until next week to hear you speak again! God is really working in your life and I am excited to see what is next! Good luck to you and I hope to afford your services in the near future 😉

Melissa (From CA)

Thanks for taking the time to travel here and share your books with us, we love them so much we went back and bought 6 more copies for our entire seniors reading club. Please let us know when you are back in town.

Lanoa (Palm Springs, CA)

Dr. Dionna I am so thankful that you were recommended to me, I did not think we could work this coaching relationship out but it has been one of the best learning experiences of my life and I do not know what I would do without you being at my side to life coach me.

Eric S. (Atlanta, GA)

You are selling yourself cheap, your solutions are so quick and accurate! Your imagination is one beyond this world! I know that Shonda Rimes, Quentin T, Oprah or Tyler Perry would die to have someone like you on their team 🙂
Please keep up the good work because it will soon pay off for you more than you can imagine

Gina (Los Angeles)

Dr. Dionna, if I had not met you on this day, I would not have known the path God has placed before me. You were definitely sent my way to help me get my thinking back where it needed to be. Thank you for just taking the time to speak with me while you were out and about with your family. Shows how much you care to make a difference in the world.

Tierra (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. Dionna, you have been so gracious in spreading your expertise and knowledge with our school and our academic program that it would only be right to send you a beautiful Happy Birthday Wish today. Thanks for everything you do to help our school continue to be the best at what we do!

Elisia Bordeax (Corona, CA)

Dionna, you are an angel to those that believe, I really enjoyed meeting you today and learning about your books, you have a bright future ahead of you, stay sweet and positive forever.

Michelle (Broward County, FL)

I love Dionna, with her in my life things have made so much sense. Success and learning to be my own life coach has been so informational. Thanks for being a life changer in my life Dionna

Mindy (Minneapolis, MN)

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