How many of you feel you have a lot of baggage in your life?

EB 7






How many of you believe it’s ALL emotional baggage?

EB 3Emotional baggage








If you could draw a pie chart, how much would you say is contributed to emotional verses family or relationship baggage?








Let’s take a step back and define Emotional Baggage first!

The word EMOTIONAL is defined as – a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort accompanied by physiological changes (Paraphrase from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2013).

The word BAGGAGE is defined and referred to as trunks, bags, parcels, suitcases filled with one’s belonging while traveling; aka luggage (Paraphrase from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2013).

After a few minutes of research, I was not able to find a suitable definition for Emotional Baggage besides from Wikipedia! So let’s try to use both definitions to make a point here!

If we put the two together we can define EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE as – an everyday expression that we may display through general concern for unresolved issues of an emotional nature; that can mean also carrying all the disappointments, wrongs, and trauma of the past around as one heavy load (Paraphrase from Wikipedia Dictionary, 2013).

We can summarize EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE as – emotional turmoil caused by some issues in someone’s past; it can be painful memories of anything such as rejection, sexual or physical trauma, hurt, mis-trust, etc….

Here Is A Food For Thought – Do you know why we have a pound limit for our luggage when we fly?

Besides the technical airplane mumbo jumbo reasons, it is simply because we have to learn to fly with a lighter load; we have to learn how to let go of some things before we can move on to our next destination or next phase in life.

Ultimately you want to be free from of all the EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE in life right? That can include financial debt, pain, abuse, trauma, relationship issues, etc… Whether you realize it or not, all of these things are attached to your emotional baggage in life.

Here Is Another Food For Thought – How do you feel when you are at the check-in counter and the person at the ticket counter asks you to remove items from your luggage because it is over weight?

Basically they are asking you to travel lightly, right? But what does that mean? For me – at that moment I feel like I don’t understand ENGLISH because I was sure before I arrived at the airport that I did not want to leave anything else behind right LOL). Have you ever felt like that too?

The point is that you feel territorial and unsure if you want to let go of anything else in your luggage! That is how we have to look at the EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE we don’t want to let go of too!

Ok so now you have finally gotten on the plane and flown to your destination! You are at baggage claim waiting for your luggage to arrive right? What are your thoughts at that moment?

EB 4







No one expects to loose their luggage but the moment yours does not show up, you freak out right? I know I do lol!

This shows us how much we are emotionally attached to our baggage! Even more we are attached to materialistic things, things that should not make or break us! Those of us, who like to carry a purse, carry so much emotional baggage right up under our arms every second of the day! Do you realize that?

So let me ask again! How much of this do you carry with you on a day to day basis and how much can you say is unwanted baggage?

“Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack” a quote from My Pink Visions, 2013.

The question is ARE YOU READY TO UNPACK IT, TO STOP LEAVING IT WHERE OTHERS CAN SEE IT AND CONTINUE TO TRIP OVER IT? (Let’s get more into this discussion in next month’s post!)

Signing off,

Dr. D

F.E.A.R. (Finding Easy Alternative Reactions To Our Problems)







Part I

Do you wish you could actually push this button when times got hard?

So that you could actually disappear like I Dream of Jeanie? Or maybe just to find another escape route?

Are you are person who is always looking for an easy way out of dealing with life situations?

Well guess what? It is FEAR and when FEAR arrives, we loose faith in ourselves and our abilities to be all that we are destined to be in life!

Part II

Ever heard of that saying “The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself?”

What comes to mind when you think of this saying?

FEAR can influence your daily actions, thoughts and behaviors if you allow it!

Part III

When is the last time you allowed FEAR to make a decision for you?

Do you know that the “thing (s)” that you FEAR in life has power over you but the fact that you allow the FEAR to take over your decisions shows that FEAR has power over “it” too!

What are your biggest FEARS in life?

Did you know that death is not the biggest FEAR we have, it is taking risks to be alive, healthy and happy!

They say people who are the angriest with their life are the most afraid to move on in their life! Do you believe that?

I believe that if you are not happy with your life and where you are currently, then it makes sense why you would be angry, POINT BLANK!

Part IV

In order to CLEAR the FEAR, you have to take risks believing in yourself and your ability to accomplish anything!

If not, you will always be in that same place and in FEAR of the same things!

Basically we manifest this FEAR into our lives, like speaking it up into a conversation

FEAR tends to hold us back and we allow it by FINDING EASY ALTERNATIVE REACTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS (FEAR)!

You not only have to let go and BELIEVE IN YOU, but you also have to let GOD (or your higher power of choice) work his magic into your destiny!

Remember, how you handle your FEARS will determine where you go with the rest of your life!


If you want to take yourself back to a place where FEAR did not exist in your current existence, then spend 20 minutes following this activity below!

Close your eyes for a moment (WAIT! Well read this first and then close your eyes lol) but when you close your eyes, think back to a time in your life when there was this one thing you could not do but learned after a million tries that you actually could do it!

What was that feeling like? Was the moment filled with joy because you just found out you could actually do something that you didn’t think you could? Or was it filled with concern because you didn’t know you could do it?

Either way – the answers and results to these questions above prove ONLY one thing and that was the fact YOU COULD DO IT! YOU COULD ACCOMPLISH IT! YOU COULD BUILD IT! YOU COULD BELIEVE IT! YOU COULD CREATE IT! YOU COULD MANAGE IT!

One of the greatest discoveries in life is finding out that you can do what you were previously afraid to do!

So why wait until never to find this out?  Avoid Fear Like You Would An Oncoming Car!

Until next month!

Dr. Dionna

Do You Know How To Do An Inventory Of Yourself?

I want you to think of your body as a warehouse and how much of you do you have in stock!








Ask Yourself: (If You Could Take a Look at the Inside of Yourself/Your Internal Warehouse)

1) What would be on the shelves?

2) What exactly is in those old boxes?

3) What is still left in the new boxes?

4) What do you have too much of?

5) What can you get rid of currently?

6) What are the things that you do not have enough of?

7) What are some the things you are currently in need of?

8) Lastly, what are the thing that you need to clear out of your internal warehouse?

For me, I find myself looking at all the negative things that affect my happiness, healthiness, and humanity!

If there is something that affects who I am as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, life coach, author and doctor then it means it is causing too much static in my life and should be removed from my internal warehouse and out of stock permanently from my warehouse!

If you are going through anything remotely similar, it’s time to clear the air and let go of those extra electrons or static you do not need and that is affecting your focus in life!

Basically that is how you do a quick inventory of yourself!

Get Real, Get Well, Get Life Again

Do you ever feel tired of wasting important time on unimportant things?











Life is short, we forget this because we spend time wasting it on things and behaviors that should not matter in life!

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick of getting caught up in others drama?

Sometimes you may have to pull the plug on others to give yourself life, as mean as that sounds, I am not asking you to take someone else’s life in order to get your life back. I am simply saying that in order to get life again, you need to pull the plug on those you feel are causing you too much static in your life.

In order to Get Real, Get Well & Get Life Again you must ask yourself these questions below:

1) What does Get Real with yourself and others mean? (Hint-Get Real means be firm in who you are NOW when it comes to yourself and with others)

2) What does Get Well with yourself mean? (Hint – Get Well means to Self-Reflect, Clear the Air, and Pull the Plug on others to get healthy mentally and physically)

3) What does Get Life Again for yourself mean? (Hint – Get Life Again means to do what it takes to get your happiness back in your life)

Remember – It’s time to clear the air and let go of those extra electrons or static we do not need or that is affecting our sanity and basically that is doing an inventory of ourselves!

Check Next Months Post on How to think of Yourself as a Warehouse and Do an Inventory Check On Yourself!

Is Your Life Just Coasting?

Do you know where your life is going or Are you just coasting until you can figure it out?

If you are not consistently accomplishing any goals but rather coasting along an unsure territory like a body of water floating in between it’s walls, then you may be missing that piece to the puzzle that helps you define who you are and where you want to be in life!

One way to overcome this is to look at where you are in life currently and determine if the waves in your life is moving as fast as you want it too. If not, then you need to find a way to get your life moving into a different direction where things are moving faster than the waves you see above!

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