When it seems like everything is lost or shattered into pieces, what do you do?

How do you find yourself? Where do you begin?

Let’s starting by understanding this:

Life has a way teaching us lessons. They are often hard and difficult to go through. Our good days and our bad days mold us into who we’ll become and in all of that we may get overwhelmed with the complications of life. So now that you’ve seen, done, and heard it all, now is the time to go ahead and start picking up the pieces!! It’s time to do this for YOU and ONLY YOU! No one can stop your hustle or dictate the path of success that you’re now on. Instead of waiting for the year to end or from the near year to begin, make a decision to pick up the pieces of your life, NOW & TODAY!

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You’re probably wondering “which pieces should I pick up?” ONLY YOU know what you value the MOST. Make sure those are the pieces you search for and pick up first. You cannot reach beyond those pieces to go and get new or more pieces! It only adds clutter and more junk to your current pieces in your life.

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Your passions, motivations, inspirations, happiness, joy, peace, laughter, faith, and love SHOULD be what you pick up because they are the necessities in leading a successful life. By picking up these types of pieces first, you’ll be able to hold on to them and use them throughout the course of your life, during the good and bad times. However, it is your choice in what you decide to pick up and where you lay them down in your life for foundation. I can only suggest THREE PIECES that I believe will help you find begin the journey to picking up yourself:


  1. Change your perspective by no longer picking up the negative pieces that previously affected your life. As a matter of fact, throw them away RIGHT AWAY! Begin to think bigger, better, and wiser. Refuse to put yourself down, but instead lift yourself up.
  2. Conquer your fears by going for the goals you never felt possible or you thought were out of your reach. Just like you’re able to pick up the pieces of your life, you are able to overcome everything that makes you afraid and simply go for the gold!
  3. Understand that life is a process and each step that you take will guide you towards finding out who you really are and what you’re made of. You will learn your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks all throughout your journey. So go ahead and live.

Though you’ve been through tough trails and circumstances, remember YOU ARE THE AUTHOR, it is time for a fresh start and a new story to your success. ONLY YOU CAN PICK UP THE PIECES TO YOUR LIFE TO FIND YOURSELF!

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Let’s make 2014 a year that counts the most!

Signing off until next year,

Dr. Dionna

Dr. Dionna