define success

The most common definition of SUCCESS is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame; the correct or desired result of an attempt; someone or something that is successful; a person or thing that succeeds” (Merriam-Webster, 2013). There are so many definitions for SUCCESS but the real definition comes from within your own desires. It is dependent upon what compliments and completes your inner most desires and heart.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that the most mediocre things that have taken place in our lives are what we call or can define as SUCCESS. Or we pick the things others go for in society and become complacent because someone else defines that as SUCCESS. We often conform to what society defines SUCCESS as or what society says SUCCESS should feel like for an individual; but what is SUCCESS?

I challenge you to look at the things you have acquired or accomplished in your life and determine if that has really helped you become the person you desire to be in your heart. When I use to go through so much turmoil in my life, I would look at SUCCESS as a far cry from where I was at the time. I could not see beyond the struggles in my life; what God had ahead for me. The tears from anger, pain and feeling like a failure clouded my vision so heavily, I just could not see!

Back then, if you asked me what SUCCESS meant to me, I would have said this below:

SUCCESS has been

S = Sad

U= Unwanted

C = Compromises’ & Challenges

C = Covered in

E = Easy & Effortless

S = Struggles &

S = Sacrifices

Now, when I define SUCCESS, I go beyond the general meaning and define it as it applies to what I want out of my life.

Time and experiences will force you to go there! I can now welcome any unwanted compromises, challenges, easy, effortless, struggles and sacrifices and say:

SUCCESS is now

S = Seeking

U = Unlimited

C = Chances that comes with

C = Convenient and

E = Equal opportunities

S = Solidified through

S = Satisfaction

Basically SUCCESS is what you make it and how you define it to match your existence. Take time to determine WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN FOR YOUR LIFE?

Try to fill in the blank and say “SUCCESS means _________________ to me”. Is it love, happiness, comfort, riches, certifications, degrees, wealth or fame (if any), parenting, or the lavished/luxury materials you possess (some will say this is an accomplishment)? Is it how you look, what you wear, what you drive, where you sleep? Is it going on a trip, reaching for the stars, building a plan, putting the pieces back together, jumping for joy, choosing between SUCCESS and failure? Is it having money in your hand, feeling smooth leather, warm fur, 600 thread count sheets or being fed good food, winning a race, or walking down the red carpet?


What is it? You be the judge!

Signing Off

Dr. D

Dr. Dionna