Eb 5When our emotional baggage includes fear, worry and guilt, we tend to attract the wrong type of support! Or maybe we just go to the wrong person for positive support!

On top of that, when there are people who do not want to see you succeed they tend to prey on your weakness, don’t they? Soon as they learn about your emotional baggage, they can drive the whole deeper than you can imagine! They will actually help you lift your emotional baggage instead of helping you unpack it!

So we simply have to avoid negative peers or anyone who is not willing to help us unpack our emotional baggage but only if we are ready! This type of person will not mind tripping over your baggage in order to watch you continue to drown! They will actually enjoy falling over your drama and unwanted luggage just to see you sink under water!

Now if we are ready we can easily unpack our emotional baggage and fill it up with more positive things like life goals, the desire to succeed, motivation, etc…

But if you are the type of person who considers yourself to be lazy, you have to find your motivation in another suitcase and you have no idea where I am going with the whole motivation and baggage story lol – here is a quote from my second book Be Your Own Life Coach: How To Life Coach Yourself Into What You Want that may help you!

“From here on out, when we set goals, remember we have to check our laziness at the ticket counter and pick up our luggage of motivation at the baggage claim or else we will continue to fail at clearing the clutter in our mind to see our vision through” (BYOLC, 2013, pg. 81).

When you spend time visualizing where you want to be in life and you act on it, you leave no time for carrying previous baggage. Visualizing helps you to minimize unwanted and un-needed emotional baggage.

EB 2If you are focused on change, then you cannot under any circumstances focus on your past! The more excited you get about your future and the changes you plan to make, the lighter your luggage will feel because there is nothing holding you back.

Ultimately you will begin to feel weight lifted off your shoulders that allow you to be free and happy.

Have you ever returned from a long trip, got home and was too tired to un-pack your luggage?

unpacked luggage literallyIf you are like me, the luggage ends up sitting for week’s right and basically nothing moves until you move it? Same with the emotional baggage in your life, you let it continue to sit and eat at your soul, then nothing will ever change!

The thing is before you can walk a new path, move into a new direction, or set up this new life for yourself, you have to unpack your old baggage! That means removing anything you don’t want or need to be a part of your life.

That may be also learning how to identify your weaknesses, the blind spots or even digging deep within yourself to finally face your issues.

EB unpackAnother part of unpacking your emotional baggage is also stopping the blame game; blaming everyone for your faults and learning how to forgive others by letting IT go.



Signing off once again,

Dr. Hancock-Johnson


Dr. Dionna