Part I

Do you wish you could actually push this button when times got hard?

So that you could actually disappear like I Dream of Jeanie? Or maybe just to find another escape route?

Are you are person who is always looking for an easy way out of dealing with life situations?

Well guess what? It is FEAR and when FEAR arrives, we loose faith in ourselves and our abilities to be all that we are destined to be in life!

Part II

Ever heard of that saying “The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself?”

What comes to mind when you think of this saying?

FEAR can influence your daily actions, thoughts and behaviors if you allow it!

Part III

When is the last time you allowed FEAR to make a decision for you?

Do you know that the “thing (s)” that you FEAR in life has power over you but the fact that you allow the FEAR to take over your decisions shows that FEAR has power over “it” too!

What are your biggest FEARS in life?

Did you know that death is not the biggest FEAR we have, it is taking risks to be alive, healthy and happy!

They say people who are the angriest with their life are the most afraid to move on in their life! Do you believe that?

I believe that if you are not happy with your life and where you are currently, then it makes sense why you would be angry, POINT BLANK!

Part IV

In order to CLEAR the FEAR, you have to take risks believing in yourself and your ability to accomplish anything!

If not, you will always be in that same place and in FEAR of the same things!

Basically we manifest this FEAR into our lives, like speaking it up into a conversation

FEAR tends to hold us back and we allow it by FINDING EASY ALTERNATIVE REACTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS (FEAR)!

You not only have to let go and BELIEVE IN YOU, but you also have to let GOD (or your higher power of choice) work his magic into your destiny!

Remember, how you handle your FEARS will determine where you go with the rest of your life!


If you want to take yourself back to a place where FEAR did not exist in your current existence, then spend 20 minutes following this activity below!

Close your eyes for a moment (WAIT! Well read this first and then close your eyes lol) but when you close your eyes, think back to a time in your life when there was this one thing you could not do but learned after a million tries that you actually could do it!

What was that feeling like? Was the moment filled with joy because you just found out you could actually do something that you didn’t think you could? Or was it filled with concern because you didn’t know you could do it?

Either way – the answers and results to these questions above prove ONLY one thing and that was the fact YOU COULD DO IT! YOU COULD ACCOMPLISH IT! YOU COULD BUILD IT! YOU COULD BELIEVE IT! YOU COULD CREATE IT! YOU COULD MANAGE IT!

One of the greatest discoveries in life is finding out that you can do what you were previously afraid to do!

So why wait until never to find this out?  Avoid Fear Like You Would An Oncoming Car!

Until next month!

Dr. Dionna

Dr. Dionna