I want you to think of your body as a warehouse and how much of you do you have in stock!








Ask Yourself: (If You Could Take a Look at the Inside of Yourself/Your Internal Warehouse)

1) What would be on the shelves?

2) What exactly is in those old boxes?

3) What is still left in the new boxes?

4) What do you have too much of?

5) What can you get rid of currently?

6) What are the things that you do not have enough of?

7) What are some the things you are currently in need of?

8) Lastly, what are the thing that you need to clear out of your internal warehouse?

For me, I find myself looking at all the negative things that affect my happiness, healthiness, and humanity!

If there is something that affects who I am as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, life coach, author and doctor then it means it is causing too much static in my life and should be removed from my internal warehouse and out of stock permanently from my warehouse!

If you are going through anything remotely similar, it’s time to clear the air and let go of those extra electrons or static you do not need and that is affecting your focus in life!

Basically that is how you do a quick inventory of yourself!

Dr. Dionna