Do you ever feel tired of wasting important time on unimportant things?











Life is short, we forget this because we spend time wasting it on things and behaviors that should not matter in life!

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick of getting caught up in others drama?

Sometimes you may have to pull the plug on others to give yourself life, as mean as that sounds, I am not asking you to take someone else’s life in order to get your life back. I am simply saying that in order to get life again, you need to pull the plug on those you feel are causing you too much static in your life.

In order to Get Real, Get Well & Get Life Again you must ask yourself these questions below:

1) What does Get Real with yourself and others mean? (Hint-Get Real means be firm in who you are NOW when it comes to yourself and with others)

2) What does Get Well with yourself mean? (Hint – Get Well means to Self-Reflect, Clear the Air, and Pull the Plug on others to get healthy mentally and physically)

3) What does Get Life Again for yourself mean? (Hint – Get Life Again means to do what it takes to get your happiness back in your life)

Remember – It’s time to clear the air and let go of those extra electrons or static we do not need or that is affecting our sanity and basically that is doing an inventory of ourselves!

Check Next Months Post on How to think of Yourself as a Warehouse and Do an Inventory Check On Yourself!

Dr. Dionna