When building a propose plan of your future journey (life map), one should follow these steps below:

1) Determine what your goals are (i.e. What is it that truly makes you happy at the end of the day? What is it that makes your heart beat the most?).

2) Define what those goals are by breaking them down one by one and applying those definitions to each goal as it is applicable to your life situation.

3) Design those goals by listing them how you see fit in your life (i.e. Design your life map the way you see them taking place in your life). That means physically writing down your goals, not using a computer to type them out because that is not the same and you will remember it better when you have a visual mental picture.

4) Deliver your goals to your proposed life map (i.e. give time lines or specific deadlines as to when you see these goals taking place in your life). Instead of a Life Tree (shown above) you can also draw a chart, graph, monthly or yearly calendar or even create your own agenda book. Whatever it takes! Get it done!

To learn more information on how to expand on these steps and how to apply these steps to your actual life, you can check out my services page and book a life coaching session with me right from that page.


Dr. Dionna