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Dr. Dionna
Dr. Dionna is known to encourage and inspire others. As the author of the Devastation to Doctorate, Be Your Own Life Coach and several other books, she has helped thousands of people to redefine themselves and transform their lives.

Hi, I’m Dr. Dionna

Today you are one step closer to feeling empowered and gaining back your positive energy. I’d like to help you take steps to growth and well being. As an Energetic Life Coach, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life worth celebrating.

I want to give you a chance to find yourself, figure out what is important to you, and help you determine where you need to be in order to get the energy and success you want out of life.

Dr. Dionna

Energetic Life Coach


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Motivational Speaker

She coached herself from being homeless, kidnapped, bullied, molested to a doctor, author, and well-known celebrity life coach.

Celebrity Life Coach

As a gifted High Profile Life Coach, she goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their desired goals.

Self Publishing Expert

As a gifted author, self-publisher, and the CEO of Hancock-Johnson Publishing Company, she helps struggling authors.

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